VDA QMC extends its collaboration with Euro-Symbiose on the Moroccan automotive market


VDA QMC extends its collaboration with Euro-Symbiose on the Moroccan automotive market

The automotive sector in Morocco

Since few years now, Morocco is becoming an attractive country in the automotive sector. Thus, important equipment and automotive manufacturers such as Delphi, Faurecia or Renault, have been chosen to set up in this country. These major groups have given a real boost to this area. Moreover, in order to attract even more companies, Morocco deployed important resources on a par with the training. Indeed, a training plan has been set up in order to meet needs to the automotive sector and its objective is to train more than 70.000 people from 2010 to 2015.

This is how the German organisation VDA QMC, by collaborating with Euro-Symbiose, decided to help the Morocco automotive equipment manufacturers, which would like to work for German manufacturers, to gain required knowledges and to set up the specific demands of German manufacturers diffused by VDA QMC.

What is VDA QMC?

The activities and services provided by VDA QMC are very varied: they range from the systems development and methods for the design of future systems of quality management to the automotive industry.

VDA QMC is, thus, the training organisation of the German Automotive Industry Association which disseminate, including through its members network, trainings relating to standards used in the German automotive industry.

At European level, VDA is member of the Odette organisation and the European association of automotive equipment.

Collaboration between the VDA QMC organisation and Euro-Symbiose

As we told you in a previous article, Euro-Symbiose is graduated to VDA QMC since January 2011. Therefore, the company contributes exclusively in France to train and qualify automotive equipment manufacturers and suppliers on the different methods and demands of the German automotive industry regarding the quality management. Thus, Euro-Symbiose is the only training organisation authorized to deliver the “VDA 6.3” training in the French language.

From January 2016, Euro-Symbiose will extend its collaboration with VDA QMC in Morocco in order to meet important needs in trainings to the demands of the German automotive industry, of Moroccan companies.

In the short term, the objective of Euro-Symbiose is to have resources of local trainers trained by it and qualified according to the VDA QMC criteria and increasing the potential of equipment manufacturers set up on the Moroccan land, manufacturing and delivering according to the expectations of the German automotive field.