Novoferm: “Our results are, to date, very positive thanks to the professionalism of Euro-Symbiose…”


Novoferm: “Our results are, to date, very positive thanks to the professionalism of Euro-Symbiose…”

As we told you at the beginning of the year about our successful collaboration with the French manufacturer Novoferm, specialist of automated garage door systems which mixes technical innovation, quality and design. The company commercialises whole of its products range to building professionals. Founded in 1958 and incorporated in 2003 to Sanwa Holdings Corporation, Novoferm France has 500 employees and three productions sites: Vaux-Le-Pénil (77), Bavilliers (90) and Machecoul (44).

Indeed, after the intervention of our consultants, Valérie Le Couëdic and Christian Walser, the objective to reduce the non-quality cost by 25% in one years has been achieved.

Therefore in 2015, Euro-Symbiose has continued its action within the company.

Mr. Michel Akoum, CEO of Novoferm France, looks back at his collaboration with Euro-Symbiose and talks about the work done by our consultants with the teams of Novoferm.

The services :

“This year, we have expected 5% of growth on the housing market. We wanted that this increase be the results of committed working on the continuation of products innovation the reorganisation of the commercial approach and the customer relationship, as well as the strengthening internal cohesion. This is why, we decided to collaborate again with Euro-Symbiose in order to respond to this particular request. The approach did it in twice time. First of all, we worked on the quality system perform and process by accelerating our approach +SVP (+easy, +quick, +closer to the customer):

  • Our clients’ satisfaction ► Source of differentiation;
  • Continuous improvement of our process ► Source of competitiveness;
  • Gain in market share ► Source of growth;
  • Employees involvement ► Source of motivation.

Euro-Symbiose managed to strengthen a culture of customers by implanting our teams at the heart of this through a training about problem-solving approach QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control). Therefore, three axes of the approach have been impacted by allowing to get very good results in relation to gain in market share. Indeed, the aim of 5% growth has been achieved and this despite of the current state of the housing market.

The accompanying has continued with a training phase of projects management. This phase allowed to prioritize in a better way the project declination of our company. Today, our project drivers have in hands the key success factors to complete successfully their objectives”.

The results :

“Our results are, nowadays, very positives thanks to the professionalism of Euro-Symbiose and its team. The consultants were able to work upstream and meet our expectations by integrating my vision as well as my strategy. More precisely, Valérie Le Couëdic accompanied the creation of a TQM board (Total Quality Management) and the construction of process mapping. Thus, these evolutions allowed for example to reduce the customer claims processing time by being now of 48 hours”.