Managing the product safety - Why is it important to appoint a PSR?


Managing the product safety - Why is it important to appoint a PSR?

The Volkswagen group demands from its suppliers that they appoint a “Product Safety Representative” on each of their production site in order to guarantee the management of the product safety, but also that this requirement be relayed to their own suppliers. Thus, this is all the supply chain which is concerned by this requirement.

Although today only the Volkswagen group demands it, the appointment of a product safety representative, is primordial for any industrial, because the consequences can be legal and judicial for the company but also for its managers.

The PSR is in charge of drive the product safety on all the life cycle. It has to be the focal point of all the internal and external information related to the product safety, including these coming from the competition products. Nevertheless, in order to complete successfully his/her mission, the PSR has to surround of a multidisciplinary team (quality, production, legal, trade, marketing…), in order to coordinate these information and decide what action to lead when the product liability is engaged.

Contrary to a FMEA which studies the consequences of a defective product, it is here about to anticipate predictable risks of compliant products to specifications, but also the unpredictable use of products, including the use of accessories from the market likely to be associated with its product and result in serious consequences for a user or a third party. On the basis of this risk study, it will have to be decided of internal and external appropriated actions (customers and users’ information, recalls, instructions, labelling, handbooks, etc.).

Euro-Symbiose, by way of its partnership with the VDA QMC organism, offer you a training of two days to apply a management approach of product risks, in accordance with requirements of Volkswagen group.

This training aims to:
Understanding the role of “Product Safety Representative”;
Identifying the activities / tasks to control as a part of this mission, in addition to those already existing in the quality management system;
Justifying of a training to a PSR mission, recognized by the Volkswagen group.

During this training, the trainees take note of the German regulation but also European and American, including the civil and penal consequences, which should at the end of the training be developed by legal experts from the company.

In order to conduct surveillance of products on the market but as well those of the competition, we will communicate to you the different official and commercial websites to visit regularly.

Some examples and exercises of role-playing allow to understand the way to react in front of a product identified risk.

Finally, during this training are recalled the requirements related to the control of specific features pf products, as more likely to be involved into a security issue.

If you wish to know more on this training, our consultant Valérie Le Couëdic, will make a presentation on this subject during the VDA QMC conference which will take place on Tuesday 5th July 2016 in Paris. For more information regarding this even, please click on this link.