Euro-Symbiose contributes to the COFRAC accreditation of Areva Jeumont’s testing destructive laboratory


Euro-Symbiose contributes to the COFRAC accreditation of Areva Jeumont's testing destructive laboratory

“Our collaboration with Euro-Symbiose lasts five years now. Today, we can say that Roland Lucquiaud brings a lot to the lab team thanks to his external vision. He knows how to detect the improvement points as well as sensitive points. Thanks to his expertise and his very good vision, his remarks are often relevant and rarely indisputably. Moreover, Roland is a specialist particularly concerning the uncertainty of measurement thanks to his calculation and the implement of control cards. On these different points, no remark has been ventured from the COFRAC. This is how our collaboration with Euro-Symbiose will continue during this year 2016”.

Robert VIllemagne, destructive testing manager, shows the work done by our consultant within the Areva Jeumont site specialized in the mobile equipment production for nuclear reactors.

The factory employs around 500 people and achieves a turnover of €100 million.

Areva requires destructive testing reports issued by the labs accredited COFRAC on the welded assemblies. These testing were until now outsources to external provider laboratories. The major challenge to get the accreditation from the internal laboratory of destructive testing according to the ISO CEI 17025 standard is before everything a time-saving and economic gain.

Since 2011, Euro-Symbiose and the Areva Jeumont site work together in order to get and maintain the accreditation by COFRAC, and to expend this accreditation ISO CEI 17025 to other destructive testing. Thus, Euro-Symbiose, with the help of its consultant, Roland Lucquiaud, is in charge of this support mission for the COFRAC accreditation, especially for the implementation of technical requirements of the ISO CEI 17025.

ISO CEI 17025 – What is about?

The ISO CEI 17025 is an international standard which specifies the “general requirements concerning the skill of testing and calibration laboratories”, written by the ISO and CEI in 2005.

This standard, which concerns all the analysis and testing laboratories, is that one use during the accreditation audits done by the COFRAC. The quality management system of laboratories accredited 17025 is founded on the ISO 9001: 2000 standard.

What is the mission of Euro-Symbiose?

More precisely, the consultant services on the Areva Jeumont site consists in conducting:

- Internal audits are conducted every years, from March to April. These internal audits are a part of requirements asked by the ISO CEI 17025. The Euro-Symbiose consultant is in charge of the technical part of audits whereas the quality management system part is audited by an internal auditor from the Areva quality department. These audits aim to demonstrate that the measures which have been implemented by the laboratory are consistent, relevant and adapted.

- An accompanying of the accreditation approach through advices and technical supports in order to define the testing procedures and proceed to calculation of the measurement uncertainty.