Vallourec University France, a relationship of trust with Euro-Symbiose


Vallourec University France, a relationship of trust with Euro-Symbiose

Founded in 2012, Vallourec University France is the training organization, belonging to Vallourec group (manufacturer of tubular components addressed mainly to the energy markets) which allows to pool the trainings for all the group sites set up in France. Vallourec University France welcomed more than 1 000 trainees in 2015.

For more than a year and a half, Euro-Symbiose facilitates different trainings within Vallourec University France. Euro-Symbiose carries mainly out trainings which meet the “Quality and Environmental” standards, ISO 9001 and 14001. The collaboration with our different consultants has developed at the beginning of the year 2016 on the occasion of a customized training designed by Euro-Symbiose in order to make capable the participants to audit the group’s suppliers. This training, done in English, has been deployed in France but also in Germany.

Madam Hibon, Human Resources Development Manager, explained us how was done the selection of service providers by Vallourec University France.

This selection is done through classic specifications for which two criteria are decisive:

- The first is the pedagogical quality and the capacity for adaptation of trainers (primordial to ensure that trainings are done properly).
- The second is based on the capacity of service provider to offer an administrative traceability of its training. Regular step points are done between the Vallourec University France team and our Account Manager in order to ensure the durability of this teamwork.

Moreover, concerning the trainee support of each training, the company plans to complete the current classic assessment (“assessing hot”) by a monitoring process of the acquired skills few months after the training.

The objective of Vallourec University France is to ensure each external trainer is able to adapt himself to individual objectives of trainees and allows them therefore a customized skill improvement.

The first assessments regarding the skills acquired should can be measured during the second semester 2016 and on the beginning of the year 2017.

To date, Vallourec University France is satisfied of the cooperative work applied with Euro-Symbiose.