Self-monitoring: play to discover before implementing on the field


Self-monitoring: play to discover before implementing on the field

Latelec, subsidiary of the Latecoere Group, is a tier 1 supplier for the Aerospace sector. World player in the design and production of interconnection systems, its production activity is spread over several sites in France, Germany, Tunisia and Mexico.

The company asked Euro-Symbiose to develop a training module for the production supervisors, which will be deployed by internal trainers.

This training was part of a self-monitoring development project, and had a dual purpose. First, it aimed to explain this new way of working to operators by emphasizing their roles and responsibilities. Second, it was to create the conditions for a serene and controlled functioning, and to generate interest for self-monitoring by being as close as possible to the operational realities.

It is in a real spirit of co-design that Jacques Lethiecq, consultant, and Raymond Prot, Project Manager of the Latelec Operational Excellence Service, have created this module. To do this, they favoured an active and applied pedagogy: "Everyone does self-monitoring. The challenge was to create an interesting and concrete training content that "sells" the establishment of self-monitoring. The educational approach was to promote the active method. We have therefore focused the module on a game simulation exercise where we first simulated a production without self-monitoring, and then with self-monitoring. This game allowed to observe and demonstrate, in a fun way, the key points of the self-monitoring implementation but also its interest." reflects Jacques Lethiecq.

What added value for Latelec?

Jacques Lethiecq, consultant: "In the aeronautical culture, everything is controlled by another person. Putting in place an "official" self-monitoring system (i.e. with monitoring forms, procedures...) will therefore allow each operator to be more involved in his work, to detect failures as early as possible, to reduce waiting times and the time of the final product inspection."