Managing change after a reorganization in APU

Testimony of Christophe Dhaene, Manager of the APU Project

  • Tell us about your exchanges with EURO-SYMBIOSE:

« During the design process, I mainly worked with Françoise [Jasnault, Chief Executive Director] to develop a tailor-made approach, enhanced and fitted according to the experience feedback collected in the APU pilots of each site. I have appreciated the relevance of Françoise’s comments and her pragmatic approach, always focused on our needs and expectations. This project was ambitious because we started from an “archaic” organisation with more than 400 employees involved on both sites.

Now, performance improvement is made every day in the APU – by the MAPU and leaders –, there is a real awareness from team members. »

  • What was the added value of this project?

« Besides being more independent and best organized, there is now a real sense of belonging. Everybody is now concerned by the performance of today, in order to know if it is better than yesterday. This is a real success and a big change in the daily production management. »

  • What did you take away from it?

« I think it is a major cultural change for SGD. Since we moved in APU, our results have drastically improved. Today, all our customers congratulate us for this change. This organization is becoming a standard for SGD, and we are developing it on all our sites worldwide. We want that EURO-SYMBIOSE continues to support us, especially for the development in Europe, USA and Brazil. »