ROXEL: EN 9100 certification is on its way!


ROXEL: EN 9100 certification is on its way!

Roxel Group is a developer and manufacturer of rocket motors and missile propulsion systems, and aircraft parts. Since 2 years, Euro-Symbiose and Roxel collaborate, in France and United Kingdom for a specific objective: to be certified EN 9100 for the year 2016.

During this project, Euro-Symbiose audited, trained, advised in order to allow the company to understand the issues and requirements of this new standard and to implement them in its quality management system.

The steps of this support:

It all started by doing the internal audit in order to assess the compliance of audited QMS to EN 9100 requirements. This audit, conducted by our consultant Roland Lucquiaud, allowed to build an action plan to ensure the conformance of the French and English sites system. This action plan, approved by Roxel, resulted in the updating of the process mapping, project staking and recommendations for the EN 9100 certification.

This action plan has been supported by trainings to the EN 9100 standard and practices of internal audit of an EN 9100 QMS with the objectives of:

- Implementing and deploying the requirements of EN 9100 standard;
- Appropriating the new process mapping validated on the whole Roxel area;
- Appropriating and applying the internal audit method.

These trainings have also been done in English by our consultant Jon Foley for the group English subsidiary.

In parallel, our consultant Valérie Le Couëdic designed and facilitated an awareness of Roxel Group’s executive committee to the EN 9100 requirements. This action aimed to:

- Revealing the added value of management by the processes regarding operational management;
- Giving the spirit of the standard so that the Committed members can at once support their teams and be demanding in the taking EN 9100into account;
- Deploying more broadly through processes the strategic orientations of the company.

What results?

This long-term support as well as the training actions done by Euro-Symbiose allowed to contribute to the success of the EN 9100 certification audit which took place from 30th September to 17th October in Roxel Group’s different sites. Few non-conformances have been detected and the company’s QMS has been described as “mature and adapted”.

Thanks to this result, the collaboration between Roxel and Euro-Symbiose could continue in 2017 in order to take into account the 2016 change of the EN 9100 standard and keep up the work done since 2014 between the two companies.