Production process of auditors authorized FIEV V2.0




3 days

You are looking for

… A method recognized at once by the French manufacturers PSA, Renault and the FIEV to audit the effectiveness of production process in order to:
- Qualify a production process on ramp-up phase at the end of product/process development.
- Watch the efficiency level of production process of series life.
- Qualify a production process after a production transfer, after modification.
- Qualify a supplier process in development or series life
- Identify improvement opportunities or the causes of a deficient process


- Understand the requirements of FIEV 2.0 standard
- Acquire the knowledge of process audit according to the standard
- Get FIEV 2.0 process auditor accreditation

For who?

This training interests more particularly the:

- Quality managers
- Quality auditors
- Quality technicians
- Method technicians
- Supervisors
- Procurement quality

The interested people have to gather before their registration, the following prerequisites:

- Providing the proof of auditor experience (example: front page of the audit report, annual program of audits…)
- Providing a document from the audit manager, attesting that the first process audit will be led by the trainee at most 3 months after his/her training.
- Sending back to the FIEV and Euro-Symbiose, the signed document: the 8 company’s commitments with regard to the FIEV – the paragraph 4.1 - Download the PDF document (translation in English done by Euro-Symbiose)

- The date of birth of the candidate
- An ID photo to JPEG format
- The direct line or the mobile number of the candidate and his/her email address


After an introductory presentation, the interns are quickly introduced to the situation: first of all through quotations to create on the basis of real audit reports, then during all the audit phases (from the planning to the audit report and evaluation of the process effectiveness), by being invested in activities in sub-groups, returned to the group and debriefed by the animator.

The last half-day is blessed to 2 tests:

- MCQ about questions of knowledge (30’)
- An application exam (90’) on the basis of audit situations.

Which resources?

- Participant folder containing the theoretical principles pronounced during the training and exercise resources.
- FIEV V2.0 standard.

Attendees must bring a laptop

FIEV 2.0 process auditor accreditation:

This authorization is recognized by the release of a FIEV 2.0 auditor card.

It is determined by:

- The success in 2 tests above.
- AND the positive evaluation by the trainer of the audit report that the trainee must send within three months following.


Day 1:

  • Introduction of objectives, program and 8 commitments.
  • The 2.0 standard and its committed positions of construction.
  • The scoring of 50 standard criteria.
  • The realization principles of a FIEV audit.
  • The planning and definition of the audit mission.
  • Audit preparation and risk analysis according to the “Crosby Turtle” and construction of questions and expected form of proof (beginning).

Day 2:

  • Audit preparation and risk analysis according to the “Crosby Turtle” and construction of questions and expected form of proof (final installment).

This work is done for the 50 criteria of standard.

Day 3:

  • Questionnaire and audit checklist.
  • Audit report, scoring, and evaluation justification of the process efficiency.
  • Summing up, reminders and exam preparation.
  • Training evaluation.
  • Written exams (knowledge and application).

3 days

Type de formation
Nombre de stagiaires

Minimum : 6 / Maximum : 10

1 630,00 Euros H.T. par participant pour les non-adhérents SFEPA - - 1 550,00 Euros H.T. par participant pour les Collaborateurs des sociétés Renault - PSA ou ses entreprises adhérentes au SFEPA - Syndicat des Fabricants d’Equipements et de Pièces pour Automobiles. (les déjeuners sont offerts)