“Production process of auditors authorized FIEV V2.0”: a feedback 15 months after the launch of the training


“Production process of auditors authorized FIEV V2.0”: a feedback 15 months after the launch of the training

For more than one year, Euro-Symbiose is working closely with the FIEV (French Vehicle Equipment Industries) for the training “Production process of auditors authorized FIEV V2.0”. In this partnership, Euro-Symbiose is in position of Designer of auditor training module and Master Trainer. For the last one, we train and qualify trainers able to provide the training and authorization of production process auditor according to the FIEV 2.0 standard.

This training in favor of auditors has for objective to:
- Knowing the requirements of FIEV V2.0 standard
- Acquiring the control of process audit according to this standard
- Obtaining the authorization of production process auditor

In March this year took place at the FIEV headquarter in Paris, a meeting of authorized trainers in order to create a feedback on the entire system and identify its advantages and the possible improvements.

Thus, several strong points of the news FIEV V2.0 standard have been noticed:

- A better identification of risks thanks to the use of tool “The Crosby’s turtle” in compliance with the possible use for all the QMS processes (Quality Management System);
- An easier scoring with only 4 possible levels (0/1/2/3);
- The consideration of PDCA principle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) with the reinforcement of the performance consideration;
- The obligation to describe the DPE (Diagnosis Pre-Established) with a clarification to know what does this correspond to;
- This standard is focused on the production process and incorporate all the critic points to lock into production;
- It broaches in a better way the concept of performance.

Moreover during this meeting, the participants queried on the contribution of this standard to the progress of the automotive industry. Their judgement confirms the first advantages already identified:

- A more satisfactory answer to the requirement of §8.2.2 of the ISO/TS “Contribution to the prevention of non-compliances”;
- This standard is practicable whatever the kind of manufacturing, the parts manufacturer rank;
- It pushes to audit the process in detail;
- It allows to see the process driving under the both parts: conformity and performance;
- It allows parts manufacturers to see the areas which are controlled and those which have to be improved;
- A lot of report results have the status “non-complying” thanks to its standard and that demonstrates, therefore, a certain level of requirement of the automotive industry.

This meeting will allow, in the next few months, to improve again the auditors’ training material on this standard but also to take on the FIEV in the deployment of the process auditor training internationally and more precisely to qualify new trainers in Latin America (Argentina, Brasilia and Mexico), Russia and China.

Euro-Symbiose will continue to accompany the FIEV in this international strategy and will follow its Master Trainer role towards the future foreign trainers.