Photonis and Euro-Symbiose accept the challenge


Photonis and Euro-Symbiose accept the challenge

« Boldness allows people to acquire what they would not get with ordinary means »
Nicolas Machiavel.

Global manufacturer of electro-optic components used in the detection of ions, electrons and photons, Photonis dared a bold gamble, namely to considerably amplify its product quality through the 6 Sigma method suggested by Christian Walser, consultant for Euro-Symbiose.

Started in July 2013, the 6 Sigma site aimed to increase the yield by cutting in half the rejections affecting image quality. Closed in April 2014, the objectives have been brilliantly achieved.

On this occasion, Jean-Marc Barois, Engineering Manager and important player in the process, said: "I did not expect at all this success, the goal seemed very ambitious, even utopian." Richard Bedrune, Quality Director also involved in the project, added: "We thought we had tried everything to solve the problem. The results obtained with the 6 Sigma method have far exceeded our expectations."

Following this success, Christian Walser intervened again with the Kaizen approach ("Kai" and "Zen" meaning respectively "change" and "good"). This process aims enhancement through concrete, fast, simple, and inexpensive actions. Photonis has thus accepted the challenge to redesign one of its workshops in just 5 days.

The goal was to increase the production capacity while maintaining the same quality level and without increasing the surface area. For this, it was necessary to remove any excess to only keep the necessary.

At the end of the project, the results are even larger than expected: + 60% of efficiency instead of the 30% anticipated, and a division by 3 of the workshop crossing time. The team also notes an improvement in working conditions and a better control of processes.

This success would not have been possible without the strong motivation of the Photonis teams and without the significant investment of the Euro-Symbiose consultant.