Significant gains for Novoferm!


Significant gains for Novoferm!

Novoferm is a French manufacturer belonging to the Japanese company Sanwa Shutter Corp, world leader in the sector of locking for housing and industry. Strength of its expertise and experience, Novoferm Habitat brings together 450 employees on 3 production sites.

Always looking for better performance, Novoferm has set the objective to reduce its non-quality costs by 25% in one year and, consequently, customer complaints. The company asked Euro-Symbiose to support it in the success of this challenge.
Valérie Le Couëdic and Christian Walser, Euro-Symbiose consultants, have thus guided Novoferm for more than a year in its business plan.

Valérie Le Couëdic, project manager, worked with the management team in the complete revision of its quality management system (QMS) to ensure that processes are real levers of performance. In a first step, this consisted in simplifying the process mapping, implementing operational processes drivers, and deploying the strategic objectives on processes. Then, it involved to train and support process managers in their new role, especially through the development of performance indicators and improvement plans. Finally, after having trained a team of internal auditors, Valerie led the deployment of QRQC (Quick Response for Quality Control) on the 3 production sites.

Meanwhile, Christian Walser identified five improvement projects with a potential gain of €400,000. Christian has thus worked to redefine the operating procedures of indicators, and to reduce costs and customer complaints related to logistics and transport quality problems.

Results achieved

Valérie Le Couëdic, project manager: "The members of management and process drivers are now involved in the control of their QMS, which has enabled Novoferm to renew its ISO9001 certification. Thanks to the QRQC approach, a dynamic of daily progress has been established and allows all the production management levels to be involved in the solution of everyday problems. Following our intervention, the quality is rooted in the company culture and is the responsibility of everybody."

Christian Walser, consultant: "Everyone is now a guarantor of quality. We closely worked with team leaders to ensure that operators are involved in problem solving. This change allowed the different groups to acquire a good methodology, and real solutions have been provided to the issues raised when diagnosing. The assessment is very positive since the goal of reducing the non-quality costs by 25% has been reached and has generated substantial and definitive gains."

Our partnership with Novoferm will continue in 2015 with the deployment of a project management culture and risk reduction.