Mecachrome is moving forward


Mecachrome is moving forward

Based in France, Mecachrome is a global leader in high precision mechanics. For over 75 years, the company is a key player in the design, engineering, machining and assembling of parts for the aerospace, motorsport, defense and energy fields.

Wishing to maintain its operational excellence and global expertise levels, Mecachrome asked Euro-Symbiose to improve the dynamics and efficiency of the treatment of problems affecting its internal performance and the one concerning its customers.

Valérie Le Couëdic - project manager - and Isabelle Delugré, Euro-Symbiose consultants, intervened to define and implement a culture change that ensures a comprehensive and effective analysis of these problems.

First, problem-solving practices of two sites have been assessed, revealing opportunities for improvement and standardization of the process. Following this, the QRQC approach has been advocated and then deployed on a pilot perimeter to give more vitality and efficiency at the problem-solving process, treating problems close to the field (i.e. with the operational staff) and involving all production managers.

As a second step, 7 QRQC drivers (team leaders and workshop managers) have evolved, particularly by working on concrete problems of Mecachrome. These new leaders are autonomous and directly involved in the company productivity. « The training content has completely met my expectations, the topics presentation was clear with well-chosen examples. » testifies the Product Quality Manager. « The findings were interesting and the exercises relevant. I have really understood the challenges of the QRQC management. » adds the APU Manager.

Finally, in order to sustain the process and prepare its deployment to the others APU, QRQC referents have been trained to ensure the proper implementation of the key principles, ensure the approach effectiveness and train new drivers.

Valérie Le Couëdic, project manager: « The QRQC approach has given a new impetus, a motivation of all stakeholders in the daily problem-solving. This also helped to prioritize the different problems to deal with, and at the right level. The QRQC referents will help to ensure the sustainability of the process, to fix this culture change and, with the deployment to all APU, to achieve tangible results. »

Isabelle Delugré, consultant: « Mecachrome is a company in which everyone increasingly involves itself in solving everyday problems. Without requiring major investments, QRQC allows significant progress in terms of quality management by building a new approach involving production and management teams. Everyone, at his level, has a role to play in the process and success of sites. Identifying the root causes and implementing effective corrective actions can treat problems thoroughly so they do not come back. »