Euro-Symbiose’s new service: the webinar


Euro-Symbiose's new service: the webinar

Perfect for understanding the essentials in no time!

The webinar - contraction of web and seminar - is an interactive conference that takes place on the Internet. Participants access it by connecting to a platform since their own computers and offices. The webinar allows both to reconcile visual (slides, video) and audio (comments of the moderator, interactions of participants).

What benefits?

  • Simplicity – Nothing to prepare, nothing to print: people just need to be connected.
  • Time saving – No need to move, everyone can stay in his office, even abroad.
  • Interactivity – Through the chat and comments system, the webinar encourages interactivity between the participants and the lecturer.
  • Relevance – The webinar lasts between one and two hours on average, which allows to treat highly targeted themes.