Digital tablets for inter-company trainings


Digital tablets for inter-company trainings

Euro-Symbiose strengthens the quality of its inter-company training by providing you with digital tablets.

For some time, digital tablets have been introduced in education. Several experiments have already shown their interest from a pedagogical point of view.

What benefits?

► ► ► An advantage of weight

  • Before the training: Nothing to print and/or to bring.
  • During the training: The tablet is portable and easy to transport: you can have all your notes and other information needed at any time of training.
  • After the training: You will not leave with 10 kilos of documents. The entire content will be sent electronically to the email address of your choice.

► ► ► A real time saver

  • Texts, documents, software and apps are gathered in the same place: No need to search your tools.
  • Easy to understand and use, it also helps keeping a good pace and optimizing training time.

► ► ► An added value for training

  • The tablet gives you a real visual comfort: It is up to you to choose the brightness and display mode that best suit you. This also facilitates reading: You can easily zoom in / out, adjust the size and shape of the font, etc. In general, these adjustments increase your ability to concentrate and your efficiency.
  • Each course is unique: The tablet will keep track of all the important and specific elements of your training.
  • The tablet facilitates notetaking, as you can take notes directly on the slides.
  • The tablet offers a better knowledge: You are involved in your learning and gain independence.

► ► ► A step forward towards sustainable development

  • Paper savings are significant: Knowing that there are about 100 to 250 printed pages per folder according to the training, the tablet helps preserve an average of 1,200 sheets for each session.
  • A sustainable tool: The digital tablets are reused for each training course.