A successful teamwork


A successful teamwork

In late September 2013, an international aeronautic company turned to Euro-Symbiose in order to improve its performance in production. Eric Canu, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, therefore customized the 8D training module specific to the factual and effective treatment of recurring problems.

After the success of the pilots conducted on two French sites, 2014 marks the deployment decision. Thus, for about a year, Euro-Symbiose intervened with the hierarchical and operational teams from 9 other sites. 129 persons of the operational staff and 85 unit managers have therefore been trained. Here are some of their feedback at the end of training sessions: "The exercise shows that the 8D method allows to understand problems while correctly identifying solutions." ; "The method requires us to find the solution within our company !" ; "Unlike many others, this training is concrete and useful. The teachings are immediately implemented, and in a highly satisfactory manner."

Why such a success?

Eric Canu, in charge of the project: "The program has been successful because it is the result of a teamwork. Indeed, there has been a real work of listening and sharing during the module design, especially with the Responsible for training and the Quality Director. In addition to this co-design work, the dynamism and rhythm of trainings (2 days + 1 day) have contributed to the success, as well as the fact that participants have worked on real cases experienced by their company. Finally, constant feedback allowed us to monitor the teams’ progress and to adapt ourselves when necessary. In short, we have been trainers but also guides, involved in the planning, deployment and monitoring of the project."