MBDA : Unfailing motivation


MBDA : Unfailing motivation

MBDA is a multi-national group with 10,000 employees working across France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United States. This world leader is the only Group capable of designing and producing missiles and missile systems to meet the whole range of current and future operational requirements of the three armed forces (army, navy, air force).

So far, MBDA had an ISO 9001 quality management system.

However, in 2009, the EN9100 standard - until then dedicated to the aeronautical sector - has expanded its scope to the defence sector. A few years later, in 2013, NATO has published a new quality standard, AQAP-2310, relying in particular on the requirements of the latest version of the EN9100. Following these two events, MBDA has decided to start a certification project in order to demonstrate compliance with AQAP and EN9100.

EURO-SYMBIOSE designed and led two training programs.

  • The first one, "EN9100 advanced", has been designed for the quality community. The goal was to make them experts, so that they know how to interpret and incorporate the standard requirements in their business, but also how to explain them to their operational colleagues. Between May and October 2014, 84 people have been trained.
  • Subsequently, a frame containing the main points of the standard has been jointly developed with the MBDA Quality community. This frame will be customized by the Quality Engineers to the different MBDA sectors, for an extensive communication for the purpose of the EN1900 certification audit in mid-2015.

The good points of this collaboration

Eric CANU, in charge of the project: "What really stood out was the motivation of the Quality community. The 84 people trained were really excited to improve their business management system. Nobody said it was impossible, unrealistic or too ambitious, on the opposite, there was a real will to fight. This collaboration also allowed teams to understand that meeting the standards will require time and work.

Motivated and satisfied groups

Trainees testify

"The explanations of the standard and the way to implement it really interested me. I now feel able to apply what I’ve learned directly in the company" testifies the Project Manager. "The animation was dynamic with well-chosen examples. I fully understand the topic thanks to the case studies" adds the Production-Quality-Assurance Engineer.