Evolution of the TOTAL training process

Integration of 50 001 requirements


Evolution of the TOTAL training process

CAMPUS is the School of TOTAL trades dedicated to the training of all employees of the Marketing & Services field.

Since few years, Euro-Symbiose leads a training process dedicated to the future HSE auditors. This process includes a first module of 3 days by focusing on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards; and a second module of 3 days about the way to audit a management system according those three standards.

Since the decree of 24th November 2014, companies of more than 250 employees or whose annual turnover is superior by €50 million have to undertake every four years an energetics audit of their activities. This audit allows to determine which the energy consumption are, to identify the potential energy-saving and to examine the recommendations which are dedicated to themselves.

In order to be exemplary in relation to its customers and stakeholders, TOTAL MARKETING France decided to certify some entities according to the ISO 50001 standard – standard of energy management – and that, before the end of 2015. The standard has been added at the first module which changed toward a size of 4 days. Virginie CAUET, Euro-Symbiose consultant, explains: “this format allows to study each standard on a full day. During the creation of the new module, we are looked for putting emphasis on the requirements proper to the ISO 50001 by doing the link with the requirements clauses to three other standards, for more consistency”.

In order to be to the same level than the future participants, the collaborators by having already followed the traditional module of 3 days, could participate to a specific day about the ISO 50001. An idea which seems to work, as demonstrates it Yannick BRET, Industrial Risk Manager: “the training has completely met my needs. The understanding exercises were very interesting and the group leader has remarkably answered to our questions.” “The sequence on the technical process is the one I have preferred. I have integrated very well the requirements of different standards” adds Louise LACOMBE, PMI Manager.