Euro-Symbiose gets on with virtual classrooms thanks to Adobe Connect


Euro-Symbiose gets on with virtual classrooms thanks to Adobe Connect

Since this year, Euro-Symbiose set up « virtual classrooms » through the Adobe Connect web conferencing software.

It is an answer to the constraint for some companies to gather physically all the trainees in a same site while keeping the interactivity which exists in the face-to-face trainings.

Which advantages for these virtual classrooms?

Indeed, these virtual classrooms have been created in order to answer to some constraints.

First of all, the travel constraint is not a problem anymore with this new training method because trainees must only be fitted with a computer, a web connection of good quality and that for their premises. This advantage allows to meet the needs of companies which own different sites in France but also internationally. The travel absence generates automatically and in any case savings.

This new training method generates interactivity because workshops are organized in small groups, there is information sharing, assignment realization, study cases, and it also keeps the convivial side thanks to camera visual…

Moreover, the virtual classrooms allows a time saving around 30% in relation to face to face trainings, because the rules and communication practices between participants (micro, chat room) created discipline, in the speaking organization and interventions in the process of training.

In general, the virtual classrooms has the advantages:

- Easy to use
- Interactivity
- Simplicity
- Time saving
- Savings

To date, Euro-Symbiose can adapt all its trainings from this new format without degrading the pedagogical qualities which are one of its strongest features!