An accompanying of the function “quality” within the AMIPI – Bernard Vendre Foundation


An accompanying of the function “quality” within the AMIPI – Bernard Vendre Foundation

For 50 years, the AMIPI – Bernard Vendre Foundation allows people with cognitive disabilities to improve thanks to the manual work and find their place in company. Today, the foundation employs between 650 and 750 machine-operators with disabilities.

Euro-Symbiose is working with the foundation, for one years, in order to train and coach three new Quality managers / assistants to tools and methods necessary for the realization of their Quality missions.

In order to meet in the better way the customer’s request, the training has been divided into several sessions dedicated to different themes:

- Session 1: Measuring the Quality and dealing with customers incidents;
- Session 2: Controlling the Quality in production;
- Session 3: Understanding the process system and interfaces;
- Session 4: Participating in projects and ensuring their production phase;
- Session 5: Maintaining the Quality control and anticipating future needs.

The main objective of this training is to increase the skill of the foundation Quality participants in their field of expertise thanks to the use of different tools and methods.

What is the teaching principal of this training?

This training is structured as a "training / coaching", alternating:
- Sessions in room for theoretical contributions
- Inter-sessions working to do by each participant

During the 5 sessions, nine themes are broached with the participants such as the specific requirements of ISO/TS 16949, the daily quality management or also the supplier management.

At the beginning of each session, the three participants introduce the result of their working defined upstream with the consultant, Laurent GUIHAIRE, and did in inter-sessions.

At the end of these presentations, the consultant consolidates the trainees’ work and completes this one by proposing some provisions (explanations, definitions, methods and tools) related to theme / notion treated.

Between each training session, a debriefing with the quality manager is done in order to perpetually adjust the content of training sessions but also direct, straighten out the works done by the trainees between each session.

Which results?

This training allowed an in-depth exchange between the beneficiaries of this one. There were n barriers or withholding of information and therefore the sharing between the trainees has been very easy. This improvement of communication allowed, finally, the identification of common means to make progress.

Moreover, knowing that these three trainees are divided into different production sites (Blois, Carquefou and Angers), this training will allow them in the future to share the same methods and working tools concerning the quality and therefore to facilitate their action, every day.