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Trainees’ testimonies

Strategy and process management

  • Quality Auditors

  • Audit process

  • Quality Auditor

  • Quality

  • Project Management

  • QSE Auditor

Quality Auditors

Training : Quality Auditor

Christian Clavier - Sigma Informatique - "The trainer has an expert knowledge of the topic. The atmosphere was both relaxed and conducive to work."

Audit process

Training : Audit of the manufacturing processes

Pascal Delaunay - Rieter Automotive - "Very enriching training... This is the most interesting and skills training I have ever done."

Hasna Sougar - Rieter Automotive - "This training is highly constructive and allows us to be organized in our audit approaches."

Stéphanie Loizeau - Robert Bosch France - "The training is far more interesting because it takes place in a company."

Quality Auditor

Training : Quality Auditor

Sylvain Bréant - IER - "Congratulations to the trainer! Very friendly."

Pascal Bouvet - Le Bélier - "Training with high added value. The Laurent Guihaire’s approach is very pleasant."

Carole Cavoret - Parker Hannifin France - "Very good and interesting training that allowed us to share our experiences."

Pierre Dubois - Sumitomo - "The trainer was dynamic, passionate and very knowledgeable about the subject."


Training : Quality

Eugène Kamenev - Michelin - "Very dynamic training, with a lot of teamwork."

Sylvain Bellanger - Alcoa - "The trainer was very friendly and knowledgeable about the topic!"

Project Management

Training : Project Management

Vanessa Heimann - Bollhoff Otalu - "Very good training in English ! Good to show and fullfill the spoken documents."

Fabien Delobbel - SNWM - "Very good teaching!"

Jean-Luc Oberle - Inergy Automotive Systems - "Very good team leadership, concrete and dynamic."

QSE Auditor

Training : QSE Auditor (Quality - Security - Environment)

Agnès Bouquet - Senior Aerospace Ermeto - "Stéphanie Bazin has a perfect knowledge of the topic and exactly knows how to meet our requests for additional information."

Standard based

  • VDA 6.3

  • EN 9100

  • IATF 16949 : 2016

VDA 6.3

Training : VDA6.3

Christophe Klein - Cooper Standard Automotive - "Anh Dung Nguyen is dynamic with a good educational approach. He knows how to combine the seriousness of a norm with relaxation and humor. A trainer that I recommend!"

Jean-Jacques Zimmer - Schaeffler France - "I want to thank you for the training that I especially enjoyed last week. It allows me to have a more thorough approach of VDA6.3, be more relevant in my audits and to see the performance of processes within my business. Another big thank you to you!"

EN 9100

Training : EN9100 (2009)

Franck Delaplace - Ateliers Industriels de l’Aéronautique - "I wanted to show you my complete satisfaction regarding the quality of the training received that relies on the excellence of its trainer. According to me, your service is far superior to the ones provided by other training firms on similar topics."

Jérémy Viltard - 3M France - "Very well conducted and very clear training. We all found answers to our questions.".

IATF 16949 : 2016

IATF 16949 : 2016

En un mot, cette formation était...

"Good" "Useful" "Great" "Clear" "Excellent"

[2017] Zoltán SZABÓ - TRIGO - "It was a good opportunity for me. I can’t wait to implement all the things that I learned here."

Quality tools

  • Core Tools


  • Green Belt

  • Black Belt

  • MRP

  • 8D

Core Tools

Training : Core Tools

Sabinet Privet - Plastic Omnium - "Good training, to recommend. Very dynamic, we have lost track of time. Good group. It was a good idea to have the documentation upstream."



In one word, this training course was...

"Good" "Great!" "Successful" "Useful" "Interesting"

[2017] Anonymous - "Good performance and good info about PFMEA and IATF requirements."

[2017] Anonymous - "Good practice of creating PFMEA and control plan."

Aissam El Allouli - Molex Automotive Branch - "I wanted to thank you for your availability and listening throughout this training week. I also wanted to acknowledge your ability to captivate us on a topic which is not always easy to understand. Thanks again."

Tristan Bonhomme - TES SA - "I enjoyed the dynamism and the dynamic created by the trainer as well as his culture on the many topics studied."

Green Belt

Training : Green Belt

Ouided De Heaulme - ATR - "What I most liked in this training is the perfect mastery of the subject demonstrated by Valérie that made this training clear, useful and adaptable to each company."

Geneviève Gonin-Lanes - Dassault Aviation - "This training was very rich and interesting. The trainer has an expert knowledge of her topic and a lot of experiences that significantly bring value to the training."

Black Belt

Training : Black Belt

Laurent Guerry - Tramico - "Very rewarding and concrete training, it will allow us to significantly improve our processes."

Benoit Merlet - Defontaine - "Extremely comprehensive training. Thank you!"


Training : MRP

Morgan Poitevin - Daher - "Very good training, combining theory and practice and involving everyone equally."


Training : 8D

Patrick Menigot - John Deere - "The trainer has a complete mastery of the subject, the group was dynamic (trainer included)."

Jean-Noël Locquet - Aubert & Duval - "Very good training that provides easily usable tools."

Customer specific

Lean Management

  • Lean Service

  • Lean Manufacturing

Lean Service

Training : Lean Service

Florence Tribout & Myriam Monteil - Hutchinson - "This Lean worksite was interesting, rewarding but also exhausting!"

Lean Manufacturing

Training : Lean Manufacturing

Eric Aubry - Mark IV - "The trainer was highly pragmatic with a great ability to explain things."

Hubert Roehm - Caddie - "A very thorough training in thinking and organizations."