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Customers’ testimonies



EN9100 certification program

"That’s it, MBDA is now certified EN9100! If we take stock of the past 14 months spent to prepare the audit, they are very positive. This preparation allowed to remind the quality principles that had been forgotten by some or that were unknown by others, and to communicate around. Many quality specialists therefore upgraded their skills and it was only possible with this kind of event. For this reason, we want to thank the entire Euro-Symbiose team for having supported us in this phase of knowledge and information about the EN9100 standard. You helped us to inspire the dynamic necessary for the proper conduct of our work groups. We now have to continue our efforts to maintain the improvement actions."


Spontaneous testimony of Serge Golinski, Chief Technical Officer of Howmet

"Euro-Symbiose has perfectly understood the requirements defined and explained during our preparatory meeting. All participants emphasized the benefits of this training and in particular role-playing."



Testimony of Xavier Pujos, Quality Director of the Hutchinson Group

"We have created two tailor-made modules with Euro-Symbiose, 1 / to make the process pilots discover a management model based on performance, and 2 / to make the BSC tool compatible with process. These modules have now proved their worth on the field.


Designing a system that meets customer expectations without exceeding the costs

"Work with a coach allowed us to have a guided and efficient pace of work. The production has been rich and concrete, resulting in a clear and structured roadmap. The approach also allowed to find interesting solutions in order to better understand market expectations, while improving each others’ knowledge.

Finally, the approach helped to understand the constraints of each one and to share our common concerns, resulting in a great team cohesion. This is very useful for the continuation of the process."


From FMEA to the Monitoring Plan

Testimony of Katie Mangin, CEO

« As the owner of an engineering company for auto parts makers, we know that eValidate is the first tool to effectively track quality escapes before they hit the customer.

E-Validate has key performance indicators that alerts the variation in the trend and identifies countermeasures upstream before the material discrepancies can cause systemic confusion. eValidate is the voice of the process. »

Other industries


Managing change after a reorganization in APU

Testimony of Christophe Dhaene, Manager of the APU Project

  • Tell us about your exchanges with Euro-Symbiose:

« During the design process, I mainly worked with Françoise [Jasnault, Chief Executive Director] to develop a tailor-made approach, enhanced and fitted according to the experience feedback collected in the APU pilots of each site. I have appreciated the relevance of Françoise’s comments and her pragmatic approach, always focused on our needs and expectations. This project was ambitious because we started from an “archaic” organisation with more than 400 employees involved on both sites.

Now, performance improvement is made every day in the APU – by the MAPU and leaders –, there is a real awareness from team members. »

  • What was the added value of this project?

« Besides being more independent and best organized, there is now a real sense of belonging. Everybody is now concerned by the performance of today, in order to know if it is better than yesterday. This is a real success and a big change in the daily production management. »

  • What did you take away from it?

« I think it is a major cultural change for SGD. Since we moved in APU, our results have drastically improved. Today, all our customers congratulate us for this change. This organization is becoming a standard for SGD, and we are developing it on all our sites worldwide. We want that Euro-Symbiose continues to support us, especially for the development in Europe, USA and Brazil. »


Lean Manufacturing and 6 Sigma projects

Closed in April 2014, the objectives have been brilliantly achieved.

On this occasion, Jean-Marc Barois, Engineering Manager and important player in the process, said: "I did not expect at all this success, the goal seemed very ambitious, even utopian." Richard Bedrune, Quality Director also involved in the project, added: "We thought we had tried everything to solve the problem. The results obtained with the 6 Sigma method have far exceeded our expectations."

At the end of the project, the results are even larger than expected: + 60% of efficiency instead of the 30% anticipated, and a division by 3 of the workshop crossing time. The team also notes an improvement in working conditions and a better control of processes.


Testimony of Michel Ageorges, supported in his new job of Quality Manager

  • A few words about Stéphanie’s support?

« The support helped me a lot. Stephanie has a good ability to pass on her skills and knowledge, and supported me in my actions to implement. »

  • What did you take away from it?

« I learned how to boost those involved in the quality system and, more generally, how to galvanize the quality within our society. »

  • What was the added value of this coaching?

« Stéphanie’s support put me at ease and allowed me to approach this new position in a far more serene way. Before the coaching, I had some uncertainties and shadow points, whereas now, I have a good working methodology: I know in what order and where I have to carry out the actions. »

  • Since then, how do you live your assignment?

« The mission is going well. Since the last intervention of Stephanie, we passed an ISO audit and an ATEX audit that went very well. I now attend the Executive Committee meetings where I use the strategy points given by Stephanie, and I have quite a good collaboration with the other actors within the quality system. »


Spontaneous testimony of Thierry Charpentier, Quality and Organization Director of CAIB

"As Quality and Organization Director and co-pilot of the project, I confirm that Valérie Le Couëdic and myself have been able to strengthen the spirit and quality determination within production teams, while confirming and enhancing the quality system in place. In particular, the QRQC helped to bring together all actors around specific quality issues.

The partnership with Valerie has been very rich, from the common and relevant definition of the action plan to the Action-Training of quality players, which has allowed CAIB to be gradually autonomous and effective."



Improve customer satisfaction

"Euro-Symbiose helped us to even better serve our customers. Thanks to a participative and team approach, we have been able to lay the foundations of a continuous and sustainable improvement method."

Social and medico-social


Testimony of Marie-Christine Ruffie, Director of Doue La Fontaine

"The external evaluation has been carried out in an open and transparent manner by both institution and assessors. Through a close collaboration, we have been able to set up a full report presenting the different elements of the residents life. The findings are consistent with the structure evaluated."